About this Site

Simply Ubuntu exists as a source of information for potential or current users of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, especially those who have heard of Ubuntu and want to learn more. The site has several main objectives:

Plenty of websites about Ubuntu already exist, but most focus on current users of the operating system. For example, the excellent Ubuntu forums provide users with a place to find answers to almost any questions they have about the operating system. Likewise, the Unofficial Ubuntu 6.06 Starter Guide and the Ubuntu wiki give users a great starting point for setting up and maintaining their Ubuntu systems. And installation guides abound, such as this one, which highlights the simplicity of the installation process.

Simply Ubuntu, then, functions as sort of a cheerleader for Ubuntu, as proof that Linux can be used for day-to-day “non-techie” activities, and as a stepping-off point for those curious about Linux (and those who wish to save a few hundred bucks). Of course, Linux isn’t for everybody, but neither is Windows, or Mac OS X. I suspect, however, that Linux is for more people than those who constitute its current user base. Simply Ubuntu, above all other things, aims to let people know that there is a free, surprisingly easy to use, operating system out there (and there are others!) that can do the same things that expensive operating systems can do.

Simply Ubuntu is sporadically updated and poorly maintained by this eternal undergraduate:



  1. Tom Hill said

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for your really informative site! I have found it really useful while getting to grips with ubuntu for the first time!

  2. DLea said

    Hey this is hella helpful!

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